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3 Way Inter-club Challenge

14th November 2014

Antony Hamilton, Andrew Barton and Dorothy Flint 

The Challenge was hosted by the Isle of Man Photographic Society at the King Edward Bay Golf Club in Onchan.


The Judge for the competition was professional photographer Andrew Barton LBIPP LMPA


Each of the three clubs submitted 30 images.  The entries were given a score up to a maximum of 20 points.


The judge praised the standard of the entries overall.


The Isle of Man Photographic Society won with s score of 457

The Western (IOM) Photographic Society came second with 452 points

The Southern Photographic Society came third with 414 points


The award for the best overall image was awarded to  Dorothy Flint ARPS AFIAP BPE3,  from The Western Photographic Society, for the image of  'Water Horses'

'Water Horses'  by  Dorothy Flint


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