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The 2022 Annual  Dinner and Prize presentation of the Western Photographic (IOM) Society was held at the Peel Golf Club.
These are some of the Photos of the award winners attending.
The prizes were presented by our President, 
Dorothy  Flint ARPS, BPE4, AFIAP
Winner for 2022 is Dennis Wood
Congratulations to Dennis, pictured receiving his many awards won throughout the season
Dennis Wood.jpg
Runner-up this year is Dave Salter
Also, Carol Basnett was presented with a thank you gift of flowers for her years as Competition Sectretary
Patricia Tutt.jpg
Patricia Tutt ARPS CPAGB
Carol Basnett.jpg
Carol Basnett
Doug Allan.jpg
Doug Allan
Janet Servantte.jpg
Janet Servante
Marian Keelan.jpg
John Keelan.jpg
Marion Keelan
John Keelan
Gillie Basnett.jpg
Carol Basnett


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