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The 2023 Annual  Dinner and Prize presentation of the Western Photographic (IOM) Society was held at the Peel Golf Club.
These are some of the Photos of the award winners attending.
The prizes were presented by our President, 
Dorothy  Flint ARPS, BPE4, AFIAP

On the 4th May  members of the WPS met for our Annual Dinner, sitting down to an enjoyable meal, followed by the presentation of trophies, excellently compared  asw usual by Treasurer Eddie Fryer, with President Dorothy Flint making the presentations. The collection of trophies, ammassed over  forty years, is impressive.  Ruth Nicholls and Dave Salter shared the award of Photographer of the year.

Other Trophy winners included Marion and John Keelan, Patricia Tutt and Dennis Wood and Dave Salter, who was winner of the season-long Points Championship.

Joint Winners  for the Photographer of the Year  for 2023 are Dave Salter and Ruth Nicholls
Dave Salter, as above plus Beaumont Cup, Mannin Trophy for best A4  print in the Annual Open, the Nicholls Trophy for the best Colour DPI  in Annual open, The Beaumont  cup, best colour print in Annual Open and  the Bob Martin Open  comp Trophy. Also the Colour DPI section of the Presidents Comp & the Millenium Cup in memory of Jimmy Brew and the John Hall Trophy as the 22/23  overall points champion   for the 7th year in a row.
Trophy Winners
Ruth Nicholls, As above plus  Mono DPI section of the President's Cup
For Ian Knight, Joint 3rd of Photogropher of the Year, Plus Secretary's Trophy for the best Mono DPI in the Annual Open, Winner of the Mono DPI section of the points championship. He also took third place in the Photographer of the Year Competition
Dennis Wood, Joint 3rd  of the Photographer of the Year,  plus The Mono and A4 Prunt sections of the President's Competition, Trophy for the best A4 print in the Chairman's Comp, The John Cowell Cup for the best Mono Print in the Annual Open, The Jack Pugh Memorial Cup for the best entry in the Nature Competition, and the Moore Stephens Trophy for the best image in the Annuual Open. He was also runner up in the points champiomship
Patricia Tutt, ARPS CPAGB, Jimmy Gorry  Small Print competition  Trophy, Dorothy Flint Sporting  Overall  and Presidents Trophy with the best Colour Print
Peter Leadley,  Winner of the Mono Prints section of the Points Championship
Chris Nicholls,  winner of the cup for the best colour DPI  in the Chairman's Competition
John Keelan,  Winner of the  Colour Print section of the Points Championship
Marion Keelan, Winner of the A4 Prints section, also Trophies for the best colour and mono prints in the Chairmans Comp. and the Masonic Trophy for best overall entry in the Chairmna's Competition
Doug Allan, Winner of the Mono DPI section of the Chairman's comp and the Winner of the Colour DPI section of the Points Competition
Chris Blyth, winner of the Newomers Points Championship


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