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The Bob Martin Open Comp Colour & Mono Prints   21/11/13

  A3 (M) 1st Place                A3 (M) 2nd Place              A3 (M) 3rd Place 

Jim Lace


Jim Lace

Chris Nicholls

A3 (C) 1st Place                 A3 (C) 2nd Place                A3 (C) 3rd Place 

Bill Callow

Ruth Nicholls

Stan Basnett


A3 (C) 3rd Place

Jim Lace

A4 1st Place

Tony Faragher

A4 2ND

Sabrina Crowe

A4 3rd Place

Sabrina Crowe

Very Highly Commended Images

Highly Commended Images

Commended Images

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