Trip to Calf of Man

July 2021
The Western IOM enjoyed a super boat trip to thr Calf of Man on a calm, sunny  day. 

Setting off from Port St Mary, it took an hour to reach the Calf - longer than usual because we had extra time to view the birds .

We had 3 hours to leisurely  explore the Calf itself, which we did, going off in whatever direction we wished to.

From both the boat journeys, we had the opportunity to photograph the nestiong birds at the Stack.  The boatman spotted the puffins in the water and it was good to see them as they have recently returned to the IOM.

We finished the day with a good meal in Port Erin.

Many thanks to Doreen for organising the trip for us.
Below are a few of the Photos we took on the trip
02 DF.jpg
03 DF.jpg
05 DF.jpg
01 TH IMG_2661.jpg
04 DF.jpg
06 DF.jpg
09 DF.jpg
07 TH IMG_2747.jpg
08 DF.jpg
10 TH IMG_2746.jpg
11 TH IMG_2761.jpg
14 DF.jpg
18 TH IMG_3137.jpg
13 TH IMG_2947.jpg
15a DF_E5A2016.jpg
15 DF.jpg
16 DF.jpg
17 TH IMG_3083.jpg
19 DF08.jpg
21 TH IMG_3266.jpg
22 TH IMG_3057.jpg