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Visit to IOM

Motor Museum 


Twenty or so Members were fortunate enough to go on what was the Club's summer outing, to the new Motor Museum at Jurby on the above Tursday evening.

Having been welcomed by the Cunningham Family, we were given a conducted tour of the near 300 exhibits, along with an extremely comprehensive and informative description of a great number of the motorcars, motorcycles and various exhibits from the steam collection, dating as far back as the late 1870's

As Members wandered among the exhibits, it quickly became apparent the time, care and considerable expense that has been expended in putting together this superb collection. Only time will show if our photographic efforts do justice to it.

Not only were there the early examples of steam cars and wagons from the late 1870's, there were motorcycles and cars from the early 1900's up until almost the present day. Many superb rare and beautiful American cars are a feature of the collection, showing off the best of the American motor manufacturing industry of the 1930's through to the 1960's.

The upper mezzanine floors  hold the motorcycle collection, which again is extensive to say the least, and can't help but interest the enthusiast. Again here, many memories were rekindled of models owned in the past, and they were worthy of a far longer inspection than we had time for on this, our first visit to the Museum.

On the conclusion of our visit, our President gave a much deserved vote of thanks to the Cunninghams as we prepared to leave, with a promise that he was sure many of us would return over the months and years to come.

We then adjourned to The Guard House Cafe to partake of an excellent evening meal,

and discuss our earlier visit to the Museum. It was clear at the end of the evening

that everyone had enjoyed themselves hugely, and this time the vote of thanks

went to our Programme Secretary and Events Organiser Doreen Kelly for her efforts

in putting together the visit and booking the meal, at what had been very short

notice for her.

Thank you Doreen, and the Members who attended.



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