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Open Comp 1 and Bob Martin Trophy


  A3 (M) 1st Place                    A3 (M) 2nd Place                A3 (M) 3rd Place 

Black and White

by Jim Lace

Paris in Springtime

by Dennis Wood

Manx Dawn 

By Dave Salter

A3 (C) 1st Place                     A3 (C) 2nd Place                 A3 (C) 3rd Place 

After the Storm

By John Keelan

Wave Power

By Dave Salter

Stars and Stripes

By Jim Lace

A4  1st Place                          A4 2nd Place                           A4 3rd Place 

Wild Garlic Flower

By Kristine Smith

Digital M 1st Place

Seaside Grasses

By Gordon Corrin

Clinker Colour

By Doug Allan

Digital M 2nd Place

Take a Break

By Tony Faragher

Lock Gate

By Dennis Wood

Digital M 3rd Place

Jurby Church

By Sabrina Crowe

Digital C 1st Place, 

And Bob Martin Trophy

Full Sail

By Doreen Kelly

Digital C 2nd Place

Old Farm Buildings

By Doreen Kelly

Digital C 3rd Place

Big Ben Light Trails

By Sabrina Crowe

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