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Patricia Tutt ARPS

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                                                                  About me

Patricia A Tutt, Dip Arch, RIBA, Cert Ed, ARPS, PhD
Peel, Isle of Man


My father was a printer (letterpress and litho) who was a keen amateur photographer and I got hooked on the darkroom before I was in my teens. He squashed my desire to go the London College of Printing, however, so I became an architect instead, and have spent most of my adult life recording architecture through my lens. This secondary occupation has served me well in practice and as a writer/editor. Whilst living in Malawi, I also worked free-lance as a photographer, taking a wide range of images for many different clients.

Constraints (resources and working conditions) in Malawi led me to eschew large format equipment, to work very rapidly when doing architectural work, and, until I went digital, to work almost exclusively in black and white, so as to ensure personal control of all aspect of image production.

I am now changing my ways, but old habits die hard. All images, whether film originals or digital capture, are now edited in Lightroom and/or Photoshop and I produce high quality digitally-based prints. I continue to take photographs wherever I can and have an extensive archive of architectural, Manx and Malawian images.

I gained the Associateship of the Royal Photographic Society in 2008 with a panel of architectural phototographs. I am now a member of the Western (IOM) Photographic Society. In the 'seventies, I was a member of the Hammersmith Hampshire House Photographic Society, and I was a founder member of the (short-lived) Lilongwe Photographic Society, in Malawi.

Whilst in Malawi, I also started painting, drawing and producing airbrushed graphics and some of these will be available through this site as cards and prints.