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 Laxey Mines Trip 10th Aug 2013

Here are a few photos I took on 10th August when the club had an outing to the Laxey mines and both the Wheels. Pete Geddes took us round and gave us a very knowledgeable talk about the history of the mine, and made the whole trip so much more interesting than if we had all just taken ourselves. We travelled there and back on the Electric Tram from Douglas, and ended the day with a great meal at La Piazza.


We would like to thank Chris Nicholls who submitted the write-up and photos.

Fire Station trip 11 july 2013.

Last night's visit to the Fire Station was really good and enjoyable. Those who wanted, got the opportunity to go up in the fire engine crane lift, to take photos. The firemen showed us all around the station and made the trip very interesting. As we came to the end of the visit they had a callout. Hoping it was nothing serious, we took photos as they dashed off.


We finished the evening with a good meal at La Piazza.



We would like to thank Dorothy Flint who submitted the write up and photos.

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