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Water Assignment Competition

Date 6th Nov 2014

  A3 (C) 1st Place                      A3 (C) 2nd Place                        A3 (C) 3rd Place

Blue Sea

By Dennis Wood

Water, Water Everywhere

By Stan Basnett

Reflections in the Water

By John Keelan

A3 (M) 1st Place                 A3 (M) 2nd Place                A3 (M) 3rd Place 

Natures Fury

By Dave Salter.


By Dennis Wood

Ripples in the Sunshine

By Ella Webster  (Junior)

A4  1st Place                              A4 2nd Place                                A4 3rd Place 

Overboard Discharge

By Dennis Wood

Force 10 OnShore

By Doug Allan


By Carol Basnett

Colour, DPI 1st Place             Colour DPI 2nd Place            Colour DPI 3rd Place

Tranquil Seascape

By Sabrina Crowe

Fountain Fun

By Dennis Wood

Your Water, Sir

By Tony Faragher

Mono DPI 1st Place                Mono DPI 2nd Place                Mono DPI 3rd Place

Turbulent Flow

By Ruth Nicholls


By Paul Smyth

Frog Fountain

By Dennis Wood

Highly Commended Images

A3 C.    Reflections 

By Jim Lace

A3 M.  Water Seat

By Jim Lace

DPI M. Turbulent Wake

By Patricia Tutt

DPI C. Unforgiving Sea

By Doreen Kelly

A4.  Reflections

By Carol Basnett

DPI C. Still Stream

By Chris Nicholls

DPI  Colour   HC

Huka Falls

By Doug Allan

Bath Time

By Ian Knight

Sea Shore 

By Arnie Withers

Gale Force Rescue

By Doug Allan

Commended Images

A4  When You Need It Most

By Arnie Withers

Buoyancy  Issues

By Tony Faragher

Lovely and Wet

By Chris Nicholls

Calm in the City

By Dave Salter

Powerful Waterfall

By Sabrina Crowe

Sea Cat Power 

By Reuben Allan  (Junior)


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