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Albion Trucks

By kind permmision of Mr Peter Jones, we went on a visit to His farm at the Lhen, where he has an amazing collection of 'antique' vehicles.  


When the visit was arranged, I thought we were just going to see 'trucks' but I soon  found out how wrong I was.   He has a large collection of various cars and trucks, not just Albions, and definitely not just trucks!





Mr Jones made us very welcome.  We could photograph what we wanted, sit in what we wanted, and wander around his very pleasant garden, which he had decorated with some of his cars.   Then we were invited to  wander around his fields and admire the views.


Our host,     Mr Peter Jones

At the end of a very pleasant afternoon, we made out way to the Grosvenor Hotel in Andreas where we had a meal, enjoying the company of our fellow members who ventured on the trip.  I think a good time was had by all.


Once again, we thank Mr Jones for his hospitality, and all the trouble he took in preparing, and arranging, his vehicles for our visit.

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