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The WPS  earned some good marks this year.

Patricia Tutt was awarded a Commend with 14 points for her mono print 'Concentration'

The print was chose for the PAGB along with two others  Dorothy Flint's  'Free Run'  and 'Moving on'

Three other prints were selected for the Competition Exhibition, they were;

Jim Lace's  'Dean' 

Dorothy Flint's  'Water Racing' 

And Chris Nicholls'  'Don't Judge Me'

Concentration  By Patricia Tutt

Concentration web jp_1.jpg

Free Run  By Dorothy Flint

Free Run.jpg

Moving On By Dorothy Flint

Moving on.jpg

Don't Judge Me By Chris Nicholls

Dean By Jim Lace

Don't judge me .jpg

Water Racing By Dorothy Flint

Water Racing.jpg
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