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Tynwald Day 2015



Tynwald Exhibition  2015.


Once again WPS were asked to exhibit at this year’s Tynwald, keeping up a tradition which now goes back a considerable number of years. It is an invitation which the Club has been delighted to honour as we are the only photographic club on the Island invited to do so.


Over the years our exhibit has grown from an original three double sided boards to it’s now quite considerable presentation, including a sit down and view video, and a separate junior section. In all, well over one hundred prints were on view for the public to inspect and pass comment on, and they did!


We probably experienced the worst weather in years, with rain from 10.00am onwards to it’s conclusion at 5.00pm. However this turned out to be a bonus as far as we were concerned, as it drove the largest number of visitors into the tent that we have ever experienced. Even from 9.00am when the exhibit was still being finalised it was under scrutiny.

What was evident throughout the day was the considerable number of favourable comments the prints and video received. Indeed, several members of the public sought out our members on site to express their admiration of the whole setup. Hopefully as well, it may result in us gaining several new members for the coming season.


Particular thanks must go to the members who helped select the images, those who helped put up the exhibition on the day, and those who stood guard over them and helped with the endless queries that came their way. Boards had to be transported, labels printed, stands and tables put up, the video and TV section set up, and on it’s conclusion it all had had to be taken down again and transported back to Peel!  A considerable time commitment for some of our members, so a “VERY BIG THANK YOU” to all those who were involved.  Importantly none of this would have taken place without the collaboration between Doreen Kelly and Aailish from The Tynwald’s Arrangement Committee to whom we are very much indebted. 


Now the sting in the tail.   We are always looking for new ideas and just as importantly additional members to get involved with this very important event which helps show off the Club’s work to the general public. So come on folks, put yourselves forward next year and help out. Don’t leave it to the faithful few, you may find you actually enjoy  being involved!


We may need our dedicated group (hopefully, including a few new volunteers) to meet soon, while this years event is still fresh in our minds, to think of improvements - both to the display , and to some of the well used boards!


Report by Doug Allan

Photos by Doug Allan, John Keelan and Doreen Kelly


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